How we serve churches, ministries and academia through transformational tours

Plan the Ideal Tour with Trusted Experts

Every trip is different, and every group has specific needs. Leverage our decades of tour development and management as we take the time to listen, understand your vision, and develop a fully-customized travel experience that merges the needs of the group with everything your chosen destinations have to offer. We enumerate all the details and deliver the blueprint for your ideal trip.

Gain a Partner in Promotion

Inspiring others to join is easier with our customized materials, promotional tools, and administrative support. We provide you with everything needed to promote the vision, get others on board, and communicate specific trip information to potential guests. As they show interest, our full-service support team comes behind you to manage the registration and administrative process so you can focus on ministry.

Leave the Details to Us

Long before you even think about getting on a plane, we have all the logistics covered and documentation collected. We stay in constant communication with our overseas team and your guests to ensure your trip’s success. We also equip you with personalized leadership resources, biblical references, and location research, allowing you to simply focus on people and ministry.

Experience Transformational Ministry

Standing in a rich, biblical backdrop with your hearts set free from details, ministry takes center stage. You and your whole group are poised to absorb God’s truth in powerful and life-changing ways—allowing your guests to bond with one another and with God during this precious time. We set the stage for God to do His work in and through you.

Reinforce a Life-Altering Experience

After your guests return home, their experience should live on forever. We help you stir up fond memories and ministry moments with remembrance tools, such as a beautiful picture book of the places you visited and a trip-related devotional email. We will also provide a simple survey to ensure complete satisfaction and optimize future trips.