A Letter of Invitation

In 2018 I had the privilege of teaching to women about women in the Bible in the Holy Land. It was magical and also surprising. Surprising how many bathroom breaks we required and surprising in how many women had never heard of stories of women in the Bible. If they had heard of her, it was limited and limiting. There’s nothing more satisfying for a teacher than to see women inspired, challenged, and changed.

When Morning Star invited me back to teaching this tour again in 2020, I said, YES! with one caveat: I wanted men there, too. In 2018 men asked if they could join the tour; the answer for 2020 is YES! Men want to learn about women in the Bible. Turns out most men haven’t heard their stories either.

Did you know most male pastors don’t teach the stories about women in the Bible? Too often, if their stories are even told, the women are seen as an extra on the set or through a lens of gender roles.

But what if there’s so much more to mine from these women’s stories than we’ve been told? And how do their stories inform ours as women and men? More importantly, what do these women tell us about our God?

In 2020, my colleague Ray Befus and I will model male and female relationships as we teach about women (and men) in the Scriptures. I believe this trip will reshape your view of how men and women can live and serve together in this world.

If you work in a church or a Christian organization and could benefit from understanding male and female relationships better, then this tour is for you.

If you need to relearn what God says about you as a woman, this tour is for you.

If you work in the workplace where men and women coexist, this tour is for you.

If you have been told you’re less than because you’re a woman, or you’re bad because you’re a man, I apologize as neither of those narratives are true, and this tour is for you.

If you love Mediterranean food, history, travel, thinking, and Jesus people, this tour is for you.

Looking forward to traveling with you,

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