Rome Extension - May 8-11, 2021

Join Maranatha Chapel on a journey through the city whose Christian citizens planted and nourished the seed of faith while persecuted and often martyred. In Paul’s letter to the Romans, he praised the early Christian community in Rome “whose faith [was] reported all over the world,” for its generosity, steadfast leadership, and spiritual strength. Come explore Rome’s rich cultural heritage which reveals pagan influence, contributions of the early Christians, and the creation of the famous Catholic city-state.

Tour Highlights

  • Stand in the magnificent Coliseum, the symbol of the Eternal City
  • See the Mamertine Prison, where Apostles Paul and Peter were imprisoned before their deaths
  • Enter the Catacombs where early Christians worshiped in secret
  • Visit the Vatican and discover the art, history, and religion of the smallest state in the world

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