The Jerusalem Institute of Justice is a cutting-edge, non-profit organization dedicated to cultivating and defending the rule of law, human rights, freedom of religion and democracy for all people in Israel and in the Middle East. We have successfully handled over 750 cases on behalf of religious minorities facing discrimination due to their faith including 22 Supreme Court victories, assisted more than 15,000 lone soldiers and Holocaust Survivors, and impacted millions through our social media outlets.


Dear Friends,

I am excited to invite you to attend the first Israel Behind the Scenes Tour
October 10 - 22, 2018, organized by the Jerusalem Institute of Justice. We are anticipating your arrival in Jerusalem and your introduction to an exclusive experience - the miracle of Israel’s past, present, and future.

You will receive vital information, inspiration and motivation to understand the profound historical and biblical connection between the Biblical Kingdom of the Israelites, the New Testament era of Jesus, and the current sovereign democratic State of Israel. You will understand the security threats as well as encounter the immense technological advances and entrepreneurship that have created one of the strongest economies worldwide. Around the country, we will discuss some insights, tips, and tools that will solidify your connection to the Land and its people.

I am looking forward to spending time with you as you participate in this amazing opportunity.

Flavia Sevald 
CEO, Jerusalem Institute of Justice

Tour Highlights: 

  • Unique opportunity to hear from Israeli military and political leaders
  • Rare insights into the complexities of the modern State of Israel
  • Prayer at the Western "Wailing" Wall in Jerusalem
  • Walk the roads on which Jesus walked and prophecy continues to unfold
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