Frequently Asked Questions

How much walking will we be doing?

During this trip there will be extensive walking, often over irregular ground, with numerous stairs to climb. Participants are expected to be in good physical and mental health and able to walk and travel on the tour. It is strongly recommended that each traveler prepare for the tour by beginning a program of walking and climbing stairs and be able to climb 100 flights of stairs and walk 2 miles without stopping prior to departure. If you have questions, please contact Morning Star Tours for additional details.  

How do I obtain a Passport and Visa?

Please contact Morning Star Tours to determine your need for a Visa.  For information on obtaining a passport, passport expiration regulations, and visas: Passports and Visas.

What should I pack?

For information on what to pack for this program: Packing Tips.

If I am flying with the group, can I upgrade my ticket or confirm specific seats on my flights?

Unfortunately, the airline's group contract does not permit upgrades or allow MST to guarantee seat choices in advance. Please see information for making own flight arrangements. MST is pleased to assist with these arrangements upon request. 

Can I use frequent flyer miles to purchase my airline ticket?

Yes; however, due to airline contract restrictions, MST cannot purchase these tickets for you. Please see Tel Aviv arrival and departure information.

If I am making my own flight arrangements:
Will I receive an airline credit off of the tour cost?

Yes! If you notify Morning Star Tours (MST) in writing prior to December 15, 2017, you will receive a credit of $1,600. If you notify MST between December 15 - February 2, 2018, you will receive a credit of $1,500. No credit can be given after February 2, 2018.

When should I purchase airline tickets?

Morning Star Tours recommends waiting to purchase your airfare until the minimum number of guests have registered for this tour. This is in order to avoid penalties and fees imposed by the airlines should changes occur. Morning Star Tours will notify you once this number has been reached and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding airfare.

What is the baggage allowance?

For international flights, you are generally allowed one checked bag and one carry-on at no additional cost, with the following parameters: up to 50 pounds and 62 inches (L+W+D) for checked bag and up to 40 pounds and 45 inches (L+W+D) for carry-on.  Baggage restrictions often vary by airline.  It is important to refer to the airline's international baggage regulations prior to packing, as these can change without notice.

What out-of-pocket expenses should I expect? 

Please plan to bring spending money for lunches (about $15-$20 per day), sodas, bottled water, and personal expenses such as souvenirs, laundry, or room service.

Are all gratuities included?

Yes! A generous tip to guides, drivers, hotel staff, and those serving you at applicable sites is included in your tour cost. We pray that this provision is a blessing and a testimony to those who serve you in The Land.

What are our accommodations? 

Knights Palace Hotel - Jerusalem - 8 Nights
Leonardo Hotel - Beersheba - 1 Night
Adi Hotel - Eilat - 1 Night
Masada Guest House - Masada - 1 Night
Yad Hashmonah Country Hotel - near Jerusalem - 2 Nights
Golden Crown Hotel - Nazareth - 1 night
En Gev Holiday Resort - Sea of Galilee - 3 Nights
Yad Hashmonah Country Hotel - near Jerusalem - 2 Nights

*Hotels are subject to change without notice

What is the Cancellation Policy for this tour?

To review the Cancellation Policy for this tour, please go to the 
Terms and Conditions.

Where can I find a copy of the waivers that need to be completed? 

To view a copy of the Waiver of Responsibility

To view a copy of the Medical Statement


Dallas Theological Seminary has chosen to travel exclusively with Morning Star Tours for many years. They are unequaled in their commitment to biblical ministry, their attention to detail, and their passionate desire to serve each traveler.

Mark Bailey

Dallas Theological Seminary