Tour Leaders

steven ger

Steven Ger grew up in a Jewish family in Brooklyn, New York and Aberdeen, New Jersey, where he was educated in both church and synagogue due to his distinctive heritage as a Jewish Christian. He is the founder and director of Sojourner Ministries, an organization dedicated to exploring the Jewish heart of Christianity. The name of the ministry is derived from the Hebrew meaning of Mr. Ger’s surname. In Hebrew, the word “ger” means sojourner or wanderer. This particular “wandering” Jew’s faith journey has led him to the conviction that Jesus is the Messiah who was foretold in the Hebrew Scriptures. Steven has led 16 tours to Israel, with extensions to Egypt, Greece, Jordan, Turkey and Germany. Steven currently serves as Senior Pastor for messianic congregation Beth Sar Shalom in Plano, TX. He has been an adjunct professor of Jewish Studies at Criswell College, has lectured at Dallas Theological Seminary and taught at Tyndale Seminary. Steven’s first commentary The Book of Acts: Witness to the World, was released in 2005. This was followed by The Popular Bible Prophecy Commentary (coauthor, 2007, revised in 2011 to Exploring Bible Prophecy from Genesis to Revelation) and The Book of Hebrews: Christ is Greater (2009). He is also a contributing author for the books The Gathering Storm (2005), The Popular Bible Prophecy Encyclopedia (2006) and Zondervan King James Version Commentary: Old Testament (2010). His latest book is audio commentary The Biblical Moses that Hollywood Forgot (2015). He is uniquely equipped to comment on Israel, Judaism and the Church, having appeared as a guest expert on both television and radio, and is former host of the weekly program, The Jewish Heart of Christianity. He has also hosted the video, The Unleavened Messiah: A Portrait of Christ in the Passover.