Tour Leaders


Tom and JoAnn Doyle fell in love with Israel in 1995 and have been going there ever since. 

Tom graduated from Biola College in 1979 and Dallas Theological Seminary in 1983. In 1995, Tom traveled to Israel for the first time and it soon became a passion for Tom and his wife JoAnn. In the year 2000, Tom became a licensed guide for the State of Israel. He has led over 60 trips to Israel and over 180 to the Middle East.  After pastoring churches in Colorado, Texas, and New Mexico for 20 years, he became the Middle East director for e3 Partners/I Am Second in 2001. In 2017 Tom and JoAnn launched UnCharted which ministers to Persecuted Believers, the Underground Church, Holocaust Survivors in Israel, and the forgotten women of the Middle East. They have six children and four grandchildren and are praying for about 20 more! Tom has written 8 books including the best sellers: Dreams and Visions-Is Jesus Awakening the Muslim World? And also, Killing Christians-Living the Faith Where it is Not Safe to Believe. His new release is Standing in the Fire-Courageous Christians Living in Frightening Times.