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Travel Tips

In the Land

 Here is what you can expect as you experience Europe. 



  • The temperature varies throughout the countries you will be visiting and during different seasons. To review the climate during your travel, please visit The Weather Channel for the latest weather information and interactive weather maps. 


  • Your bus driver (we like to call them chauffeurs) will keep the bus secured as you visit sites throughout the day. They will also have bottled water available for purchase to help you stay hydrated. 
  • If you suffer from motion sickness, bring along medicine to assist with easing any discomfort. (We have found Bonine to be a helpful non-drowsy motion sickness medicine.) 



  • Most vendors in Europe will require payment in Euros. We recommend bringing $20-$30 per person, per day to cover your lunch, beverages, and snacks during the day. You can exchange money at a local currency exchange, hotel, or by withdrawing money from an ATM. 
  • Most shops will accept Visa and Mastercard; but it is IMPORTANT to call your credit card company and notify them of your travel dates and location prior to departure. 




  • Most hotels offer WIFI for a fee, while others have it available for free. If you plan to bring along a device with data, be sure to turn off your roaming and cellular coverage to avoid fees.