Protestant Reformation 

Travel Tips

Before You Go


Your journey to Europe is around the corner!
Here are a few suggestions as you prepare for this life-changing journey.



  • Join us in prayer as you prepare for your time in Europe. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this trip to transform your relationship with Him.
  • Pray also for your guide, driver, hotel staff, and others you will meet during your time.



  • The Pictorial Guide to Church History by Dr. John Hannah - This guide provides a colorful outline of information in charts, maps, and photos to build a framework for your study of the Reformers and the places where the Lord had called them. 




  • Walking will be done in small increments throughout the trip. Begin to walk short distances each day in order to prepare for the touring ahead. 




  • Staying hydrated is essential. Start drinking lots of water now to be adequately prepared for the water intake you will need while in traveling. 




  • No special shots or vaccinations are required for travel in the specific countries on your itinerary. 




  • Pull out your passport and verify the expiration date. It must be valid for a minimum of 3 months after your trip. Be sure you have emailed a copy of your passport photo page to the MST office at  

Travel Insurance

  • This is highly encouraged to cover any unforeseen circumstances before or during your travels. To read more about travel insurance consideration, please reference our post: Reasons to Consider Travel Insurance. If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance, we recommend the Vacation Protection Plans from TravelSafe Insurance.