Journeys of Paul

Travel Tips

At the Airport

 Being prepared at the airport can allow for a smooth start to your trip!

 Here are some tips to aid in a seamless process.


  • Avoid unnecessary stress by arriving at the airport with plenty of time for check-in. Arrive 2 hours before your departure for a domestic flight and 3 hours before an international flight. 


  • With our paperless culture, the airlines no longer issue paper tickets. Keep a copy of your e-ticket receipt (this verifies your purchased ticket) or have a copy of your reservation code accessible, along with your passport.




  • You are allowed to lock your suitcase with TSA locks. For more information on TSA restrictions and guidelines, please visit TSA Traveler Information.



  • Airport security to another country can invite additional questioning. Having a copy of your hotel list (which you will receive with your final documents) can provide necessary contact information, if needed during customs and immigration. 
  • Please have a copy of your Turkish Visa available as you go through security and as you go through customs and immigration. 



  • Morning Star will provide you with luggage tags in your final mailing. Please attach these to your luggage prior to departure. These will allow others to quickly identify you as part of the group, and allow you to locate your luggage in Turkey and Greece. 



  • Purchase a bottle of water after you go through security or fill up your water bottle to continue hydrating prior to your transatlantic flight. 
  • Take the time to stretch your legs and walk around prior to departure.