Seven Churches of Revelation

Travel Tips

Additional Details

As your trip draws near, these last few details are designed to answer some of your questions,

while preparing you to make the most of your time in Turkey.



  • Using the link provided in your email, you will be able to choose from many options to stay connected while in Turkey.
  • Renting a cell phone: Amigo cell phone offers options for renting a phone. Consider adding a U.S. virtual number to your phone rental option for your friends and family to have the ability to call you on a local U.S. number.
  • Renting a SIM card for your smartphone: If you choose to rent a Turkish SIM card, we recommend talking to your phone provider to be sure your smartphone is an unlocked version which can be used internationally without roaming and service fees. 
  • Mobile Hotspot: This allows you to connect all mobile devices using a mobile hotpsot. 



  • Most hotels in Turkey have WIFI available. Some hotels offer this service at no cost, while others provide WIFI for an additional charge. Please check with your hotel for the Internet options available. 



  • Your included breakfast and dinner will be buffet style, but on some occasions this could vary.
  • There are several salads, varieties of fruits, fish, meats, and other culinary delights. Enjoy trying new foods during your time in the land!  



  • While shopping is not the purpose of your trip, there will be opportunities to purchase goods from Turkey. Many guests enjoy spices and jewelry, while others look for Turkish hand-woven rugs. Your guide is happy to point out recommended shops and vendors.