Seven Churches of Revelation 

Travel Tips

Before You Go

Your journey to Turkey is around the corner!
Here are a few suggestions as you prepare for this life-changing journey.



  • Join us in prayer as you prepare for your time in Turkey. Our prayer is that the Lord will use this trip to transform your relationship with Him.
  • Pray also for your guide, driver, hotel staff, and others you will meet during your time in Turkey.



  • Understanding the Book of Revelation & The Seven Churches of Revelation - These pamphlets provide information seeking to aid your study in comparing the differing views of Revelation and knowledge of the churches of Revelation. 
  • The Christian Traveler's Guide by Dr. Charlie Dyer - Meant to be used in tandem with your Bible, this resource will aid you as you prepare, research, learn and visit the many sites of Turkey. 
  • More Information - Download our Resource Page for additional study regarding church history, customs, and geography. 



  • There are lots of hills and valleys in Turkey, and you will be walking a few of them! Begin to prepare now by walking daily, especially in the shoes you will wear on the trip. 



  • Staying hydrated is essential. Start drinking lots of water now to be adequately prepared for the water intake you will need while in Turkey. We recommend guests drink bottled water while in Turkey, which is available for purchase at hotels and on the bus. 



  • No special shots or vaccinations are required for travel to Turkey. 



  • Pull out your passport and verify the expiration date. It must be valid for a minimum of 6 months after your trip. Be sure you have emailed a copy of your passport photo page to the MST office at  
  • A visa is required for visitors holding a U.S. passport. Morning Star will obtain a Turkish visa for U.S. passport holders and will send this with your final documents prior to departure. 

Travel Insurance

  • This is highly encouraged to cover any unforeseen circumstances before or during your travels. To read more about travel insurance consideration, please reference our post: Reasons to Consider Travel Insurance. If you are interested in purchasing travel insurance, we recommend the Vacation Protection Plans from TravelSafe Insurance.