The Sea of Galilee is 13 miles long, 7 miles wide, and is 650 feet below sea level. Technically this body of water should be described as a lake, rather than a sea. The Jordan River starts north of the sea and flows out of the south end down to the Dead Sea. Jesus spent most of his ministry years teaching and performing miracles around the Galilee region.

Teaching Logistics

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Bible Reference

  • Numbers 34:11
    God identifies the hills on the eastern shore as part of the eastern border of the Promised Land.
  • Matthew 4:18-24; Mark 1:16-20; Luke 5:1-11
    Jesus calls disciples at Tabgha to be fishers of men.
  • Matthew 8:23-27; Mark 4:35-41; Luke 8:22-25
    Jesus stills the storm.
  • Matthew 14:22-33; Mark 6:45-52;
    John 6:16-21

    Jesus walks on water.
  • Matthew 14:13-21; Mark 6:30-44; Luke 9:10-17;
    John 6:1-15

    Jesus feeds the 5000.
  • Matthew 15:32-39; Mark 8:1-13
    Jesus feeds the 4000.
  • Matthew 8:28-34; Mark 5:1-15; Luke 8:26-36
    Jesus casts demons into swine at Kursi (Gergasa).
  • John 21:1-24
    Following his resurrection, Jesus appears to disciples along the shore at Tabgha.


Devotional Application

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