Social Media Package

Our goal is to assist you in promoting your tour, along with helping your group connect with one another. Here are a variety of ways in which to this can happen.


  • Provide you with a schedule of tag lines, invitation verbiage, and photos to encourage others to join you.
  • Create a Facebook group page as a manner of connecting your group with one another prior to the trip, while aiding in the group sharing photos and stories with one another and those at home. 


  • Provide you with sample tweets to post for trip promotion.
  • Create a group specific hashtag for using prior, during, and after the tour to connect your group. 


  • Post promotional photos we provide to generate excitement with those on the trip or those interested in joining. 
  • With your group hashtag, your tour can post and share photos on Instagram, while those at home follow the hashtag.  


  • Provide ideas for blog posts to promote your trip. 
  • Encourage a few guests to post updates and photos during your time in Israel.