Guiding Your Group Through Biblical Transformation

Paul's Missionary Journeys

Much of the New Testament recounts the journeys and writings of one man, the apostle Paul. From city to city he traveled, feverishly penning letters that challenged early believers to understand and accept the eternal purpose of God and His grace; letters that continue to change those living today. Your group will walk in his shoes and encounter the God that transcends history, visiting the very marketplaces where Paul preached and the communities he so graciously served in the name of Christ. 

Highlights of this destination include:
  • View the route of Paul's life-changing journey on the Damascus road. 
  • Enjoy a grand tour of Istanbul, a key city then and now in Paul's home of Asia Minor (modern day Turkey).
  • Walk the Ephesian streets that once bustled with shopkeepers and sailors during the time of Paul.
  • Stroll through Corinth, where Paul spent a good portion of his time and to which he wrote two key epistles.
  • Share a memorable communion service near the spot where Paul met with Lydia in Philippi. Lydia was his first convert to Christianity in Europe.
  • Stand on Mars Hill where Paul made his famous speech to the men of Athens. 
  • Stop at the island of Patmos, the place of exile where John received and wrote the Book of Revelation.
  • and much more!


What sets Morning Star Tours aside from all the others is that Morning Star employees see what they do as a ministry. Each one serves the Living God—and that makes all the difference They bring glory to God in all they do.

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